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Insights with Virtue and Riike

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TESTIMONY FROM Solomon Osofero

I was in Aberdeen for about 5 weeks. It was our last Sunday, My wife and I were running late to church, so we had to take a taxi. The taxi came but we weren’t ready, so we ran the meter for another 6 minutes. As we drove past John Knox house, I said this is John Knox house, the driver replied “Is he a religious man” and. I said yes. He continued, are you a religious man ? At that instance I knew this may be the reason I came to Aberdeen, I needed to preach the gospel but I only have about 2 minutes. I replied him by saying No, I am not a religious man but I am a Christian. Then I started my own questioning. I asked him if he is a religious man or a christian, he said no very quickly and he was also quick to let me know that he his an ATHEIST. I said why? He said that is the way he was brought up and until he sees a proof that GOD exist he will not believe. I also asked him what happens after death, he answered very emphatically “We are finished, nothing happens “.  
At this point we were approaching the church. This should be easy for me since I have read a lot of books about atheism and agnosticism but non of the very numerous answer came to me. I simply asked him as it dropped in my spirit “ Have you been to every where in the world? He said No. My next question was do those places exist? He said yes. I interjected, you know those places exist because you read about them? He agreed, so I continued, the BIBLE tells us about the existence of heaven. 
We are now in front of the church and I said to him, do one thing for me. Say a prayer to God, ask him to reveal himself to you and he will to which he agreed and we got out of the car. #Openyourmouthandhewillfillit

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